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An app inspired by science helping to slow down Parkinson's disease progression and improve quality of life.

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Join daily routines

Designed by people with Parkinson's, these routines consist of tasks to help you manage your symptoms effectively. Join the fun, earn points, and track your progress.

Learn from others

Exchange routines and knowledge about what works best for people with Parkinson's. Access a database that contains everything you need to know about PD.

Never feel lonely

Make friends with other PD buddies, discover events to attend together, recommend places and mark your presence on the global map of PD buddies!

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Perform your routines and measure your progress

Have fun competing with other PD buddies in your group! Motivate each other to complete as many routines as possible to manage your symptoms and increase your quality of life!

Set up pills reminders

Keep your medications and supplements records in one place. Activate notifications and never forget to take your pills again! Coming soon: with just one click, create a schedule of your pills and share it via email with your caregivers, doctors, and family.

Follow your progress and symptoms journal

Our AI-powered assistant will provide you with daily advice on how to better manage your symptoms.

Never stop learning and share your knowledge with others

Do not miss out on new developments and learn from others what works best for people with Parkinson's.

Invite your caregivers

Share your profile and progress with your cares. It's an incredibly easy way for them to stay informed about your well-being and continue learning how to support you without requiring asking you every day how you doing.

Stay social, make friends and attend events

Social interactions are a key driver of quality of life for people with Parkinson's. By staying in touch with others, attending events together, and comparing notes, they can live better and happier lives.

Learn from others What Works

What Works allows PD Buddies to explore what works for others to manage their symptoms by rating and adding solutions to common problems for people with Parkinson's.

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"I am obsessed with the PD Buddy routine! After already few weeks I can see the difference and even improvement in my symptoms. Comparing my progress with my peers is so motivating!"

Michel Planquart

Oxford, UK

I'm delighted to have found a tool designed with sincerity and care to support people with Parkinson's. Unlike other tools that merely extract information about my symptoms to recommend additional medications, this tool is refreshing in its honesty and dedication to assisting us.

Helen Klaus

San Francisco, US

Since I joined PD Buddy I have been able to manage my symptoms, guided on how to exercise and gotten more knowledge on Parkinson's disease generally. This has enabled me to enhance my quality of life compared to the time before I discovered this app. I am very grateful to Beatrice for designing such a great product.

Andrew Martin Mulekwa

Budaka, Uganda

"PD Buddy changed all our family life. My wife decided to join me to lead the PD Buddy lifestyle of exercising every day, meditating, eating healthy and so on. PD Buddy benefits whole families of PD people!"

Malcom Shepherd

Los Angeles, US

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Advocacy and Promotion

Promote PD Buddy on social media, blogs, and forums, participate in events to showcase its benefits, and encourage others to use it.

Support and Engagement

Guide new joiners through the app's features, respond to questions in the app’s chat, and share tips for integrating the app into daily routines.

Content Creation

Create and share content such as blog posts, videos, and tutorials on using the app and activities that can be integrated into the app.

Good Time

As a PD Buddy Ambassador, you'll not only make a difference in the lives of people with Parkinson's but also have a great time doing it.

Feedback and Development

Gather members feedback, participate in beta testing new features and updates, and provide improvement suggestions.

Community Building

Foster a supportive community atmosphere by organising and participating in discussions, webinars, and meetups focused on Parkinson’s management.

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